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3 Great Songwriting Contests to Enter Now

Why enter a song contest?

Some songwriters think that song contests and unprofessional and a waste of time and money.  Think again. Here are some reasons you should enter these contests this year:

  • Prizes (money, gear, opportunities)
  • Advertising
  • Opportunities to get your music heard, and even better opportunities if  you win a prize.

One of our members, James Kelso, won both the Songdoor Grand Prize and the Great Amercian Song Contest for the Christian category in the same year (2021) . It was definitely a career-changer for James!


Here are the best song competitions coming up, that include a Christian song category:


Interview with Singer/Songwriter Steve Kirsch

Singer Songwriter Steve Kirsch
Watch the interview video:
Check out Steve’s latest songs at:


Steve is also available for worship services and house or church concerts, as well as fairs and special events


“35 Ways To Kickstart Your Christian Songwriting Career”

Over the years we have had songwriters come through our doors and accomplish great things in a very short amount of time. Some examples can be found on our recent post Welcome Back Songwriters.

James Kelso, 2021 Songdoor grand Prize winner

Our upcoming blog series entitled: ”35 Ways to Kickstart Your Career in Christian Songwriting”, is designed to be coupled with our songwriter meetings, concerts and events. Every year we follow these simple steps, and when we string those steps together, we come up with building blocks to help songwriters advance to the next level in their career.Read More…



Gather Your Thoughts

“The act of hearing, writing and then repeating it back to someone else or out loud to ourselves further affirms the Word in our life.“ David Crank WRITE DOWN YOUR THOUGHTS A recent blog post, citing “Write The Vision. Habakkuk 2:2”, Pastor David Crank says: “God continues to speak to those who write it down. … Continue reading Gather Your Thoughts


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