Volunteers – Friends & Family Concert

Do you want to add FUN to your concert experience?

We need the following volunteers for our Friends and Family Concert. Opportunities are indicated by red letters. (Please Register in the form below the list.)

  • Audio/Visual:  Phil Sutton
  • Audio Visual Assistant: To help Phil manage slides
  • Door Greeter: To greet and take tickets
  • Goodie Bag distributor:  At door
  • Guest Director/Usher: As needed, various locations in room
  • Merch Table:  Michael Johnson
  •      Merch Table Assistant: to wrap up merch in gift bags and present to customer
  • Program Distributor:  Lucy Hurst
  • Program distributor  2: Distributes programs at the door
  • Refreshment Coordinator: Arrangement of refreshments on a table near the coffee area, keeping area tidy, helping guests find what they need.
  • Setup/Teardown:  Michael Johnson, Mark Henri
  • Setup/Teardown Assistant: Arrive an hour before concert to help set up step-and-repeat banner, help Sound Manager and Stage Manager secure cables and configure stage.
  • Sound Manager:  Mark Henri
  •      Sound Assistant: Mark needs someone who knows mixing
  •      Sound Assistant: Gaffer
  • Stage Manager (Performer and Band Assistant): Set stage for each performance by removing or setting up gear, seating, stands and mics as needed for each performance.
  • Still Photographer: Take random shots of performers and crowd during performance; portraits of individuals and groups in front of step-and-repeat banner at end of concert.
  • Video Photographer: Videos of individual performers (5-6) at close range.  Must have good mic setup.

Volunteers:  Register Here