Our Back Story

In 2013, we began our journey in a college classroom in Seattle where one songwriter showed up. We were overjoyed! Our group then grew over the years to serve several cities and small towns in Oregon and Washington, where we held monthly meetings, four concerts a year, and an awards ceremony each January.

Turning Point

With the devastation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, most live performers chose to try anything and everything to make their careers survive, but the pandemic took its toll. Alpha and Omega Christian Songwriters closed after a year of lockdowns, and all we could do was prayremain faithful to our God and honor our friends who called us for help and inspiration. 

Fast-forward  a few months, with the relaxation of mainstream restrictions, and some time to figure out “what hit us”, we have come to realize in retrospect, what a unique part we play in the lives of local songwriters. What surfaced after two years was the joy of seeing our members take off on their own, and truly making an impact on the world. We now know that our specialty is working with individual songwriters, connecting them with friends of like talent and goals, and helping them to find your true niche in worship songwriting. That is what makes us unique, and makes our calling worthwhile,

Looking Ahead

We recently moved from the Seattle area to Vancouver this spring, and have re-opened Alpha and Omega Songwriters. With some encouragement from friends in the Vancouver/Portland area, we have been able to partner with some organizations for greater service to our community.



It’s Your Turn

Let us hear your story! We would love to get to know how you got started in songwriting, and what you hope to accomplish. We hope you will join us, no matter what your level of songwriting or performing is; even if you feel you are not quite ready, please come and sit in on one of our meetings.

You may register here for our next Songwriters Round. We think you will be surprised how encouraged and inspired you will feel when you come away from your first meeting with us. Although our meetings are informal, more like a session with friends, we can confidently promise this will be a game-changer for you, in ways you do not expect. We give our members personal attention, and provide you with the tools you will need to succeed. it is our prayer that you will realize your true niche in songwriting, as you seek to serve our Savior. And yes, we are praying for you already.

You may use our contact form or call the office at (425) 283-8930, if you have questions. You will always get a personal response, and a friendly voice at the other end of the phone.

Join Our Monthly Meeting
We have a variety of Membership Levels you can choose from, starting with our Basic Membership which is free of charge.  We ask that you register for meetings, give us your testimony, your experience level in songwriting, and the best way to reach you. When your registration is approved, you will be notified and receive instructions about location and what to bring to the meeting. If you would like to bring a guest, indicate that on the registration form.