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Alpha and Omega Christian Songwriters is once again serving Christian songwriters in the Pacific Northwest. After closing down Sound Praise Artist Agency, in the Seattle area, we have redesigned our program to be more in line with our original group, Alpha and Omega Christian Songwriters. In addition to live meetings, we will post up-to-date information on the latest trends in music performance, production and licensing. 

Lennon Aldort and Seiko Werts at Awards Concert, 2017

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Steve Kirsch

We recently moved to Vancouver, Washington. We are near the beautiful Columbia River, and about 10 minutes away from Portland. With the help of local partners, we look forward to supporting churches with talent for their worship services, while helping Worship Pastors, Artists and Christian Songwriters achieve their life-long dreams, gain the confidence they need to produce and perform their own songs, create albums, lead worship and move into fulfilling career paths in their walk with Jesus Christ.

Song Door Grand Prize winner James Kelso


We are happy to be back serving songwriters in the great Northwest in our new location. Vancouver is a vibrant town teeming with talent. We look forward with anticipation to the amazing new songs and performances we will witness in the coming months.

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